What is Aeriose?

Aeriose is an invented word deriving from the word ariose: song-like or characterized by melody

Many years ago, say some time after 2003, I was (and still am) interested in art, music and photography. I wanted to become a photographer while I was studying at Simon Fraser University. During this time, I explored painting with different mediums and forms; composing and learning new songs via the piano, violin and erhu; and taking pictures of just about anything and everything. This was the birth of aeriosephotography.com. As the years went by, my passions expanded and I found myself juggling all sorts of hobbies and interests. Aeriose Photography was made to help promote my photography business, limiting me from expressing myself in many other ways. For that reason, I’ve created this website to capture my different interests and experiences. Like “Jack of all trades”, I am “Cat(herine) of all trades”! Life is short. Give everything (that is not dangerous of course) a try!

Who is Catherine?

Catherine is a Registered Nurse by certain days and nights of the month, a wife to an amazing man, and simply a girl loving life and what it has to offer, to its fullest.


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