Nutremill 4-1

Nutremill 4-1

Two weeks ago, my husband drove back to Vancouver from Kamloops to celebrate his and his mother’s birthdays. Before coming home, he made sure he stocked up on T&T goodness. I am still slowly sampling the random products he had brought home.

Hubby made me the first serving but it was so watery. I was expecting an oatmeal consistency and he explained it was supposed to be a cereal drink. It took me two tries before I could accept this novel concept.

So this cereal drink comes in a generous size package containing 20 packets of 1 mug servings.

The instructions were simple. All you have to do is add 200ml of hot water into your mug followed by 1 packet of the cereal. Be careful to measure it out or it will be too watery. I swear my husband first made it with 500ml so it looked very watery. In fact, even with 200ml, it will be watery!  You end up with a moderately sweet cereal milk. Instead of using just hot water, you can substitute it with pretty much any hot liquid like milk, soy, etc. Don’t get too carried away and use orange juice or Pepsi! I like it creamy so 2% milk works for me. This was perfect after a night shift.  Now I can quickly snuggle into bed.

The nice thing about this cereal is you can add other cereal to thicken it. For instance, rice crispy cereal or cornflakes…and even Q’ia seeds! Use your imagination! This drink is quite useful as a gentle laxative and even a diuretic (hint-hint). Ladies, this is great for losing weight and alleviating those bloating days!!

Depending on what you add to this cereal, your nutritional values and calorie counts will vary. Overall, it is a delicious, versatile and cozy snack or light breakfast. Don’t count on relying on this to keep you full until lunch though! In terms of fullness, it felt like eating a large size banana.

This type of cereal comes in different flavors but this is the only one I have as of yet. Have you tried this product before? Which is your favorite flavor and how much did it cost? For me it was $3.50. You will find these easily at T&T supermarket but I would imagine you can find it in other Korean and Chinese markets too.


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