Knit: Baby Cardigans

Knit: Baby Cardigans

I love knitting baby cardigans. They are great as shower gifts as well as for advancing and practicing your knitting skills. Below are patterns that I have tried and succeeded. 

Hyphen Baby Cardigan

Knitting baby cardigans is one of my favorite past time activity. This pattern was written by Lisa Chemery. You can find it on Ravelry for a small fee. I paid about $10 CAD for this pattern. I only post patterns that I have made. This means that they are doable!


  • I was confused when I got to the increases. M1A is a new knitting term for me and when I went to the given video, I thought M1A meant (make a loop +1 knit). Because of that, the increases were completely off. M1A is only the loop itself. That is the only way M1A + K2 will create accurate stitch counts
  • There are places when there are stitch count totals. Do check to see if yours match to avoid missing out on any errors that will be painful to fix 
  • I used 9″ 5mm circular needles for the arms
  • The buttons were plastic snap buttons I bought from Amazon. Refills are cheap on Aliexpress.
  • Online counters are useful for keeping track of where you are. I always lose my actual counters!


Jasmine Baby Cardigan

This pattern is one of my favorite from Marianna. She has a lot of straight forward and fast projects. These are super adorable paired with baby-themed buttons! Click here to see the instructions. This is my go-to pattern when I have 50g of yarn as the newborn size uses 50g exactly!


  • If using DK needles, use at least 4.25mm and up. I made one with 3.75mm and the arm came out very narrow. Unless you’re trying to make a premie outfit, don’t make the same mistake I did
  • Always use a circular needle with a short cable line to make fast sleeves
  • You can buy these adorable buttons on Ebay. They are usually around $2 CAD for 100 of them! I like to buy from Aliexpress now because Ebay has had a lot of their items held back at customs for months. 


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