Knitted Baby Cardigans

Knitted Baby Cardigans

I love knitting baby cardigans. They are great as shower gifts as well as for advancing and practicing your knitting skills. Below are patterns that I have tried and succeeded. 

Jasmine Baby Jacket

This pattern is one of my favorite from Marianna. She has a lot of straight forward and fast projects. These are super adorable paired with baby-themed buttons! Click here to see the instructions.


  • If using DK needles, use at least 4.25mm and up. I made one with 3.75mm and the arm came out very narrow. Unless you’re trying to make a premie outfit, don’t make the same mistake I did
  • Always use a circular needle with a short cable line to make fast sleeves
  • You can buy these adorable buttons on Ebay. They are usually around $2 CAD for 100 of them! I like to buy from Aliexpress now because Ebay has had a lot of their items held back at customs for months. 

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