Knit: Baby Toques

Knit: Baby Toques

Baby toques are fast and fun projects when you want to give them as gifts, use up scrap yarns, or make them for charity. I made this post so I can easily refer to the instructions. 

I use White Flower Needle’s pattern below.

Age (in Months)Cast OnActual Head CircumferenceHat CircumferenceHat Height
0 – 36013” ~ 14”11.5”5”
3 – 68014” ~ 17”14.5”5.5”
6 – 129616” ~ 19”17”6.5”

Gauge: 22 sts x 30 rows = 4” x 4” in stocking sts; 4mm

Rounds 1-10: (K1, P1) around.

Round 11: K around.

Repeat Round 11 to reach Round (26, 34, 42) OR the hat measures approx. (3.25”, 3.75”, 5.25”) from the cast on edge.

Start to shape top.

Round 1: (K6, K2tog) around. (56, 70, 84) sts

Round 2: K around.

Round 3: (K5, K2tog) around. (48, 60, 72) sts

Round 4: K around.

Round 5: (K4, K2tog) around. (40, 50, 60) sts

Round 6: K around.

Round 7: (K3, K2tog) around. (32, 40, 48) sts

Round 8: K around.

Round 9: (K2, K2tog) around. (24, 30, 36) sts

Round 10: K around.

Round 11: (K1, K2tog) around. (16, 20, 24) sts

Round 12: K around.

Round 13: (K2tog) around. (8, 10, 12) sts

Cut the yarn about 10 inches ans with a yarn needle, pull the yarn through all the remaining loops, draw up firmly and weave in the wrong side of work. 

I also like to use Margaret Olander’s pattern when I am less specific with sizing and have scrap yarn. Her pattern uses scrap worsted yarn for 4mm needles. I recommend doing the slow decrease from the pattern below as this decrease leaves gaps on the top once finished and extra work is required to patch that up. 

Age (in Months)Cast OnHat Height
Child/Adult S927.5”-8”
Adult M/L1008.5”-9”

Rounds 1-10: (K1, P1) around.

2-3 Rounds: K around.

Knit until specified hat height: plain, alternating colors or with Fair Isle designs

Knit until approximately .5”-1” below desired hat height.

Begin the quickie decreases:

Decrease Row 1: *K1, K2tog* repeat all around
Decrease Row 2: *K2tog* repeat all around
Decrease Row 3: *K2tog* repeat all around

Thread tapestry needle, catch remaining stitches and pull tightly. Secure and weave in all ends 

For DK yarn, I like to use Mama’s Stitchery Project’s Basic Baby Hat pattern.

Age (in Months)CircumferencenCast OnHat Height

22 stitches and 30 rows = 4 inches in stockinette

0.5 to 1 oz (40 to 80 yards) of DK weight baby yarn
Size 6 (4 mm) 
Yarn needle

k = knit
p = purl
k2tog = knit two together
ssk = slip one knitwise, slip one knitwise, insert left needle into front of both slipped stitches and knit.

Cast on sts according to the desired size. Join to knit in the round. Divide stitches between double pointed needles or needles for a magic loop. Divide with multiples of 12 on each needle.

Ribbing (6 rounds for preemie size, 8 rounds for other sizes): k2, p2 repeated across round

Knit until the hat measures the desired height for size including the ribbing.

Repeat across the round
Rnd 1: k4, k2tog, ssk, k4 – 50 (60, 70, 80, 90) stitches
Rnd 2: k
Rnd 3: k3, k2tog, ssk, k3 – 40 (48, 56, 64, 72) stitches
Rnd 4: k
Rnd 5: k2, k2tog, ssk, k2 – 30 (36, 42, 48, 54) stitches
Rnd 6: k
Rnd 7: k1, k2tog, ssk, k1 – 20 (24, 28, 32, 36) stitches
Rnd 8: k
Rnd 9: k2tog, ssk – 10 (12, 14, 16, 18) stitches
Cut the yarn with several inches to work with. With a yarn needle, pull the yarn through all the remaining loops, secure and weave in end.

Knitting the bear toque

  • 8 rows of k1p1
  • k 3 rows, p 3 rows until desired length
  • finish as usual
  • ear: CO 25 sts. k1p1/p1k1 ribbing for 5 rows. Thread ends like finishing toque and secure tightly. use loose ends at CO and ending to sew onto toque. Make 2 ears.

This pattern contains 3 textured toques. The King Charles Brocade pattern took me a very long time to knit because it required so much concentration!

The Enea pattern looks like a faux crochet toque that is fast and fun to knit. It has a nice crochet-like texture. You can make it with or without a pom pom. It comes in 6 sizes ranging from newborn to normal-large adult size. 

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